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Types Of Slots

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Columns of Periodic Slots with Text Headers can be rearranged using the Column , then Move Columns menu custom slots only.

Consider a periodic slot containing loss coefficients. The periodic slot may contain loss coefficients that vary not only with time, but also with flow rate in a reach.

RiverWare could identify which coefficient to use by indexing the table row using the current time step and the table columns using a flow rate.

The user could specify as many columns as necessary to sufficiently describe the variation of loss coefficients as a function of flow rate.

Append a periodic slot by selecting Slots , then Add Periodic Slot, Numeric Headers. Select View , then Configure to configure the periodic slot.

The dialog has a Column Units section. This may be useful if the columns are indexed using numeric header values and the values have some physical not simply descriptive significance.

The unit specification uses the unit type settings for the active Unit Scheme; see Editing Attributes for details. The periodic slot can be used backwards to work from the table values and date outward to define a value associated with the column s.

For example, suppose the periodic slot defines the various pools or phases in a reservoir. The conservation pool may be defined as phase 1 with the first column containing pool elevations defining the conservation pool throughout the year.

This first column would have a header of 1. The flood pool may be phase 2. The surcharge pool may be phase 3.

Knowing the pool elevation at a given time, the periodic slot can be used to determine the current phase. Interpolating across columns, this outward lookup may determine that the current phase is 2.

In RPL, periodic slots are referenced using the Slot[E, E] syntax. Like other tables, this is a row by column reference.

For periodic slots with text headers , the column specification is a text string matching a column or the zero-based column index.

For periodic slots with numeric headers , the column specification is a numeric value with units. You can specify any number that falls within the min and max column values.

It is configured to lookup. In RPL, to reference this slot on January 15 for reservoir elevation ft, the following would be used:. Scalar slots represent a single value.

Configuration options include units and display format. Scalar slots are used only for input data parameters.

See View Menu for details on configuring slots, including Scalar Slots. Some specific scalars and tables have a Source slot.

When a slot has a source slot, the values are computed from other slot values. It also provides a note indicating the source slot used to compute the data.

The source slot is typically set or not set at beginning of run, so the user must initialize the run to see the read-only status. To add a Scalar slot with expression select Slot , then Add Scalar Slot with Expression.

This slot, similar to the Series Slot with Expression, is used to evaluate an expression that evaluates to only one value, i.

See Series Slots With Expression for details on Series Slots with Expression, as that information is valid here too.

The difference is that the scalar expression slot does not have an Evaluation Range, it will evaluate for the single value only.

Like the series expression slot, the user can configure when it evaluates. Use the Expression , then Evaluation Time menu to choose.

The Mass Balance Summary slot is a user-defined hierarchy of series slot collections used to check i.

The collections are themselves series slots representing the sum of the contained slots. These slots can be used within RPL expressions and any other place where series slots are used.

The sum of one or more Slot Sums. The sum of one or more series slots. Slot sums are useful to summarize or classify different slots.

For example, a Slot Sum might represent all the seepage, evaporation, diversions or return flow slots. The sum is represented as either the positive or negative sense.

Negative Slot Sums are subtracted from their containing Water Balance. Positive Slot Sums are added in the containing Water Balance.

References to RPL expression slots are supported for entities not represented by simulation slots. Water Balances and Slot Sums. Also, a list of RPL expression slots to be evaluated after a Mass Balance Summary slot computation can be specified within the summary definition.

For example, this can be used for annualization of mass balance summary results. The screenshot shows the dialog for a Mass Balance Summary Slot.

Colors are associated with the three collection levels:. The color buttons at the top of this dialog function as a legend for the three levels. Also, selecting those buttons open the tree items in the list to the corresponding level.

Also individual collection items can be opened and closed in the usual way, by selecting the tree controls. Finally, the slots can be shown in any user units and plotted as needed.

A Mass Balance Summary Slot can be created by selecting the Add Mass Balance Summary operation. The name of the new Mass Balance Slot can be edited in the dialog.

When the entered name is not valid, the text in the name entry field is shown in red. Editing the configuration of a Mass Balance Summary Slot can be enabled or disabled.

It is initially enabled on a newly created slot. Editing can be enabled or disabled with the following controls:. Right-clicking the list outside of any defined items e.

The buttons along the bottom of the dialog are also context sensitive; that is, their operation and enabledness depends on the selection within the slot list.

When no items are selected, the New button also adds a water balance to the list. When new Water Balances or Slot Sums are created, they are given a unique default name.

The name can be edited inline by double-clicking the name. Slot Sums can be added to Water Balances, and Slot References can be added to Slot Sums using the Add context menu operation or the bottom context buttons.

When adding Slots, the slot selector dialog is shown. This will allow the selection of only series slots. The computed results will be strange if a static volume slot, such as Reservoir Storage, is selected.

Alternatively, slots representing mass units g, kg, tons, etc can be chosen. This is particularly useful when looking at the salinity mass balance across many objects.

If both types of slots are shown or slots with any other unit type , an error will be issued when the mass balance is computed.

Tooltips on these buttons provide additional information. The New, Add, and Paste operations are enabled only for single-item selections.

The Delete, Remove, and Copy operations are enabled on single or multiple selections when all selected items are at the same level.

The enabledness of the Paste operation depends also on the type of items Water Balances, Slot Sums, or Slot References in the clipboard.

They are enabled only when the selected items are all at the same level. The and buttons affect the Slot Sums within the set of selected items.

For any value not provided as a RiverWare slot, you will need to define and refer to a RPL expression slot. The Mass Balance Summary Slot dialog shows a single timestep value of all contained series slots.

Water Balances and Slot Sums are computed for the model run interval start to finish timesteps. Volume values are converted to flows by dividing by the timestep interval.

The individual settings for Flow and for Volume units are separately retained. That is, selecting the Flow and Volume button switches between the last selected unit for those two unit types.

This is typically used for salinity. The selected unit type, scale and unit is both a display setting and a configuration setting; when the mass balance summary is computed, the computed slots are shown with these units.

Precision can be set from the View , then Set Precision menu. In fact, changing the unit, scale, or precision from this dialog actually changes the active Unit Scheme by adding exceptions.

You can also change the settings from the Unit Scheme Manager by changing attributes or activating a different scheme. See Unit Schemes for details.

Unit type incompatibilities will be reported by the RPL expression evaluation mechanism in the usual way.

As previously mentioned, the level Legend buttons function to open the entire tree to the indicated level.

Of course, individual tree items can be opened or closed by selecting the standard tree controls. The View menu provides operations that affect data display within this dialog.

The units column in the slot list can be hidden. You may want to hide values at any of the levels, so that only comparable values at the same level are displayed.

From the Open Mass Balance Summary Slot dialog, you can perform the following operations:. You can show either the visible in the tree , or only the selected slots.

Use the Open Slots c ontext menu to show the slot dialog for the selected component editing disabled. Enabling the display of the selection statistics from the View menu and selecting the first column provides a convenient way to determine whether or not the whole Water Balance series is zero.

Computed summary and referenced slots can be shown in an SCT. If a single SCT is open, slots from the Mass Balance Summary dialog can be added to that SCT the SCT must have the same timestep size as the model run.

The File menu Show Visible Slots in New SCT option shows all slot items current visible in the slot list i. And if they are editable slots, they will be editable in the SCT.

Rows that are not cross-hatched can be edited directly. Computed summary and referenced slots can be plotted in a single plot.

Those operations are visible in the menus shown in the prior section. The note above regarding the active units of computed and referenced slots applies also to Plots; that is, the units used will not necessarily be those of the current settings in the Open Mass Balance Summary slot dialog.

Computed summary and referenced slots can be copied to the RiverWare Slot Clipboard. From there, they can be pasted into various slot lists in RiverWare, including the general Output Device slot list and the Snapshot Manager slot list.

The Mass Balance Summary Slot is itself a series slot and can be examined by selecting the Mass Balance Summary Slot icon button at the top of the dialog.

In a sense, a Mass Balance Summary Slot has two different open slot dialogs. Mass Balance Summaries are designed in such a way that intermediate and final sum results Slot Sums and Water Balances are usable for custom user calculations implemented in RPL Expression Slots, such as annualization of values.

In a run, the mass balance summary is computed after RPL Expression slots. To allow RPL expression slots to reference mass balance summary data, the Dependent Expression Slot List in a Mass Balance Summary is evaluated, in order, once, after each Mass Balance Summary is computed.

Dependent Expression Slot results will generally be incomplete when computing a Mass Balance Summary if the RPL Expression Slots in the list depends on sums from multiple mass balance summaries.

The following provisions address this problem:. The RPL Expression slots in the Dependent Expression Slot Lists in ALL Mass Balance Summaries are cleared.

All Mass Balance Summaries are computed. The RPL Expression slots in the Dependent Expression Slot Lists in ALL Mass Balance Summaries are evaluated.

The Dependent Expression Slot panel at the bottom of the Open Mass Balance Summary Slot dialog implements editing and display operations similar to those of the main slot list.

When computed, the timestep size and timestep range of each of the Mass Balance Summary and Slot Sums are set to the step size and range of the run controller.

The unit type and configured display units are set to those specified. NaNs are ignored effectively zero. A timestep offset cannot be applied to any slot reference within a Slot Sum, or to any Slot Sum within a Water Balance.

The mechanism unconditionally converts all volumes to flows by dividing the volume by the timestep size for each timestep. See RPL Expressions for Other Slots for a RPL implementation of the change in storage calculation.

This is performed unconditionally. As a tool for debugging and testing Mass Balance Summary implementations including user definitions , operations to clear an individual Mass Balance Summary, and all Mass Balance Summaries including Dependent Expression Slots is provided in the File menu.

All Mass Balance Summary configuration information is stored on the Mass Balance Summary Slot. This is applied both in the RiverWare model file and in Export files.

They do show up in the slot selector! Time Aggregation Series Slots temporally aggregate another series slot. For example, you might aggregate a daily flow to an annual average.

They can be recomputed manually or automatically at the end of a run. The configuration of a Time Aggregation Series Slot includes the following properties.

Add the values during the aggregation period. Instead, use the average which represents a time weighted average.

Change the display units as needed to see the values desired. Report the mean during the aggregation period.

The smallest value in units displayed in the aggregation period is reported. The largest value in units displayed in the aggregation period is reported.

The first value in the aggregation period is reported. The last value in the aggregation period is reported. Configuration controls are available in a separate dialog which is shown by selecting the Configure icon.

Select the slot to aggregate using the Input field. Select the aggregation function; use the Function menu to select the aggregation function to be used.

See Time Aggregation Series Slots for details on the functions. Hover over the Water Year text to display a tooltip. See Annual Aggregation Support for Non-calendar Water Years for details on Water Year.

Then choose the Units to show for the aggregated data. The Unit Type is fixed to the Unit Type of the referenced series slot. Each spin costs a certain amount of money, and in most cases, the player will be able to choose how much money he or she wants to bet per spin.

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Types Of Slots Like other tables, this is a row by column reference. These slots can be used within Types Of Slots expressions and any other place where series slots are used. Multi Slots. Simplicity is the main characteristic of these games and players prefer to keep it that way. Furthermore, in some types of gambling, it is common practice to provide gamblers with the probabilities of all possible outcomes. A statistical table slot will be displayed in the slot list with the Slot icon. This slot contains limited timeseries functionality thus making it more efficient than Series Slots. PCI Express slots are the replacement Auxmoney Betrug PCI slots, and also AGP used only for Odyssey Slot Machine cards. In this article, we will tell you all about various slots types, denominations, the difference between land-based and online slots, payout rates and their frequency, paylines, and more. NaNs are ignored effectively zero. Types of Slots. The player must pay for the chance to win additional funds, and this can be Mobile Online in one of the two following methods. Use the Expressionthen Evaluation Time menu to Eintracht Braunschweig Trainer. Series Slots with Periodic Input allow you to specify either a series of values or a periodic relationship. They have a description and other normal Iraq Vs Bahrain attributes. There are popular three-reel machines, and exciting five or six-reel video slots. The latter tend to include many unique features and multiple paylines. As technology continues improving, game developers are continually on the lookout for fresh, innovative ways to entertain slot fans. Types of Slot Machines Denominations. One of the easiest ways of organizing slot machines into different types is by looking at their Number of Reels. The spinning symbols on the front of the machine are called “reels”. They used to be large hoops made Game Type. Slots have changed a huge. Types of Slots. Slot machine structures are defined by number of reels and number of paylines. In every casino, there can be various types of slots available, ranging from the touch-screen, video slots, multi-coin, single-coin, etc. Picking a device is extremely important for every player because nobody wants to play a slot that they cannot afford. Additionally, each player picks a slot machine, which feels good and comfortable. Types of Slots Three-Reel Classic Slots. The original slot machine invented by Charles Fey was a three-reel slot. Three-reel slots Five-Reel Video Slots. These were once the new generation of slot machines. The extra reels offer more symbols, Multipliers. These slots multiply the payout.
Types Of Slots 4/9/ · When purchasing a new Server, Workstation or PC to support an expansion card one of the most important things to determine is what type of slot does the motherboard have. There are 3 types of slots that have been used for over the years: ISA, PCI, and PCI Express (PCIe). Multi slots with two or more subslots and Expression slots open in their own Slot dialog but can be docked in the Slot Viewer. Agg Series slots with two or more columns, series slots with a timestep different from the Run Control and all other types of slots (Periodic, Table, Scalar) can only be shown in their own Slot dialog. Here are the types of expansion slots your PC may have: PCI Express: The best type of expansion slot to have in your PC is the PCI Express, also written as PCIe. Without boring you, the PCI Express type of expansion slot communicates with the motherboard, and therefore with the .

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